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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Ok...I am awake now

I can say this about American Airlines, overall their staff is pretty cool. I will admit I received alot of attitude from staff at Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport, but I can say the staff at San Francisco and Raleigh/Durham really did make up for those who were rude at Dallas. Now to be perfectly fair..All of the employees at Dallas were not mean nasty and rude. There were some there that went out of their way to help people and be pleasant.

Now given that there were delays, I would be ready to excuse the rude behavior due to stress and abnormal work conditions. But the staff at RDU (Raleigh/Durham) had the same delay problem, due to weather and they were nothing but lovely and helpful. So I would fly American again...Just not into or out of Dallas.

San Francisco is a GREAT city. I must say it. I was floored by the friendly people the nice hotels..EVERYTHING! And I was such a tourist. I got to ride Cable cars with my son and we went to the movies and walked down some massive hills...And went shopping in Chinatown...Awesome!

Ok this is a recommendation...If you need a place to stay near the Airport in San Francisco a wonderful place to stay is the Quality Suites Hotel in Millbrea. This is approximately ten minutes away from the airport, and right next to BART. (Bay Area Rapid Transit) . The rates are reasonable and has buses that run if you need transportation. There is a quaint shopping center down the road a bit and cute restaurants as well.

The second place I stayed could be considered Heaven. But it's really called the Stanford Court. Stanford Court is a beautiful hotel right down the street from Grace cathedral and a couple blocks up from Chinatown. There are cable cars that intersect on the corner so you can get to all the touristy places very easy. The hotel itself is charm, a perfect hotel for the business traveler as well as the tourist. A doorman is right there to help you with your bags and guide you to check-in, the check- in process is fast and easy, and they deliver your bags so you don't have to lug them yourself. My room was spacious with a view of the courtyard and very comfortable queen size beds. I particularly like the heated towel rack...my son liked this as well.

The concierge service at the hotel was impeccable, never once talking down to anyone. Just truly helpful explaining the area and pointing out things to do. The restaurant they had was lovely as well. I couldn't have asked for a better breakfast. One small this about the hotel that impressed me was that when I made a call to any service the hotel provided, the staff knew who I was, I didn't have to identify myself. Always answered with my name. Yes, it's a small thing but it really made a difference. If this hotel isn't considered a 5 star hotel, it definitely should be.

When I finally got to Raleigh/Durham, I stayed at the Comfort Suites and this was a very nice room, refridgerator and microwave. Spending time in Raleigh is always fun as my family is there.

Now had to stay in RDU on the way home for about 11 hours, but the staff was so great, and tried to get me and my son on a flight as quickly as possible. That just turned out to be the next day. I stayed another night in Raleigh that I didn't plan for at La Quinta Inn and Suites. This place is very cute. The next time I have to get a room down there I will be staying at La Quinta. Decent rates as well.

All in all my vacation was good...Even with the over 20 hours of waiting time I did for flights. Though I am happy to be home, I am glad I made this trip.


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