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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

6 days and counting

I'm leaving Sunday for the UK again. This time only going to be gone a week. I hope.

I bribed my little sister in to watching my son for me. She's 18 home from college with no job, and as much of a little diva she can be, she does need a break sometimes. Watching my sister and my son interact is like watching siblings that are a few years apart. While she's 18, my son is turning 12. They are more like brother and sister then they would like to admit.

This turns me into this bizarre second mother type that is pushing being old and parental in my sister's eyes. But I still can be cool enough NOT to have to walk 20 paces behind her and her friends. Plus I think I am a bit more lenient then my mom. I actually tell my sister what looks good on her, as opposed to saying what I would like her to wear. (this is something I can't do with my son yet. I still only let him pick out 2 outfits per shopping expedition.)

So who thinks USD200 is a lot for having my sister watch my son for the week??

I think she wants more, but this ATM machine is putting the out of order sign out. :)


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