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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Most Interesting News

Maybe I should say what was the most interesting thing I say in the news blips today online. 3 people tied in Jeopardy.

Now before we scoff and say that's not interesting, let's think about it. A 3 way tie? Did you know that in 23 years that has never happened before? And no they didn't all get the question wrong, They got it right!

Here's the Article:


Now doesn't it seem sad that this is the only thing I felt willing to read right now?

I am in a place, after being pelted with ice pellets all day yesterday, that fun and light is a good thing.

Not into the heavy political stories today - no pros and cons of super duper Tuesday.

No getting up in arms about lack of services in the schools for special needs children because the state doesn't want to admit they exist.

No gasping at the pure idiocy of people's choice in words and then the media repeating it over and over again.

No wondering if the Attorney General is a liar and abused his position by firing federal prosecutors on the whim of a political strategy with White House counsel.

nope, I am doing the lite and fluffy searches today. and then taking the kids into the city so they can see how the rest of humanity acts when there's an ice storm.

But I will be back soon - I mean hey...I still watch the Sunday morning political pundits...but I missed Bill Maher...oh wait he repeats!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Still Don't understand

Why is Isaiah Washington being honored?

His work on a show is good, but an Image award is not just about an image you portray on TV it is what you show to the world outside.

Expressing homophobic thoughts is not something that I want my children to aspire to, I do not want them to see gay people as different. or wrong, or harmful or to be feared.

Am I back in the 40's?? What went for Blacks, Coloreds is now OK for Gays??

This is a fight that should not be happening, yet here we are....

Saluting Mr. Washington, Laughing with Ann Coulter...where does it stop?