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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Back to School Shuffle

It's been a summer of reminders from my eldest school. Reminders about back to school barbecues, what supplies the school needs, how many community hours need to be done in order for my child to graduate. All summer these have flooded my mailbox.

But how do I find out that half of the eighth grade staff has been replaced by either quitting or re structuring? A NEW guidance counselor calls. This is just lovely, I now have to go back to square one on making sure my concerns are seen because I had a great rapport with my last guidance counselor.

So with the news that more then half of the eighth grade staff is new, I decided to have a meeting called involving all his teachers, the guidance counselor, and the NEW special education liaison.

I am still waiting for the date of this meeting, but It will mean I have to take a half day off of work. I am hoping for the best with this meeting. I want to see what is going to be expected from the students from the teacher's mouths, not something they prepared on paper.
When K was in 6th grade, I called meetings every six weeks and told them to not blow smoke up my ass and give me the truth of what was happening in the class. I regret not taking this same course of action in 7th grade as his 4th quarter grades slipped and I wasn't made aware of it.

So this year, along with the papers, pencils and notebooks - teachers beware....I will be on your butts for everything, including not telling me of issues when they happen.

School Starts August 31st...