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Friday, February 24, 2006

Johari window

I have seen these on other blogs and thought I would try it out.


Be honest - it won't hurt

Much ;)


Thursday, February 23, 2006

It's A Wild Life & Unfortunately It's Ours!: South Dakota Legislature Passes Criminal Ban on Abortion or "I'm Up On My High Horse Now!"

It's A Wild Life & Unfortunately It's Ours!: South Dakota Legislature Passes Criminal Ban on Abortion or "I'm Up On My High Horse Now!"

it's starting....scary - no choice America is on it's way. what else will they legislate away?

Like the author of the blog I linked to...at this stage of my life, I would not have an abortion, but I would never condone anything that takes away the right of another woman to have one.

I am glad my state isn't going this route.

Mommy Wars

This will be my major vent of the week.

I have nothing against stay at home moms. The people I have a problem with are the ones that demean working mothers.
I am sick and tired of women who look down their noses at me saying that I am a bad mother because I work. How dare you!
I go to my son's parent teacher's meetings, I actually arranged it so I get weekly updates from his teachers and meetings every six weeks.
I volunteer at the school giving my time and materials that are needed.

I am a single mom, who is going to take care of my kids if not me? If I stayed at home, I would be a welfare mom. Now we all know the country hates welfare moms!
So I work, and then get accused of taking more time off and being less productive.

I accrued over 360 hours of sick time in the 9 years I was act my job, I NEVER got written up for excessive latenesses and I took all of my 3 weeks of vacation each year.

Those of you who have the choice to stay at home....More power to you...But don't put me down for doing what I have to do to raise my children

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Second Semester

My Second Semester has begun at my Online University. I am happy about that, the challenge of juggling home life, school and going back to work will make it intense.

I have some of the people from my last class in my Business Law class. That's fun, it's nice to see a familiar name. The other course I am taking is Software applications. Now on the surface it seems like an easy course, but really, can you know TOO much about the software you use?
This way I will learn the Ins and Outs of Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook. The first three will help me with my job, the last? Well it's good to know.

I shall still be cruising the blogs and commenting on some matters I feel passionate about. I have found I like CNN's Anderson Cooper's Blog and have commented on a few stories there. It's also an interesting read.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Conversations over breakfast

Well it was more of a brunch to be exact.
There is a new building being proposed in my town that will be 27 stories high and have retail and luxury apartment space. One thing my town has instituted is a 10% affordable housing set aside. Developers don't like it because it unfairly targets them and no one else has to contribute. Companies aren't contributing, if they don't like the way the housing costs are going, they can move the company.

Housing is extremely expensive around here, so affordable housing is a hot button topic. I don't think that the only ones to pay should be the developers....They should be able to make their luxury apartments and donate to a fund to specifically build a good amount of affordable housing.
Another way to make the fund be worth while is taking a half percent from the sales tax and specifically earmark it for making affordable housing. Then when a new luxury building goes up, another parcel of land can be used to build housing that is mid stream.

Say you have a building where the rent for a one bedroom is luxury at $1600 - $2000 a month, a developer using the fund could make another building where a one bedroom is approximately $800 a month. Then corporations and those who can afford the luxury can be appeased and lower income workers can also benefit. If we have it as a percentage of the sales tax, then the burden isn't being placed on one set of people.

I wonder if something like this would actually work.
I mean there is a Governor's race this year....

Friday, February 17, 2006

Wow this is scary!


I obtained this link from Land-O-Links.com

check it out....

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

How weird is this??

We lost power to half of the house! The WAY important half if you ask me. No Computer, no TV , no DVD...It sucked!!

And of course this would be the night that the baby sleeps, but my eldest gets sick. Thank Goodness he's ok now (he went to school :) )

So yes now I am with power to the whole house...Happily typing away.

Got an email from an Ex - boyfriend...Happy to say time does heal most wounds. Doesn't hurt to hear from him anymore.

Does this mean I am growing up??!

- nah I didn't think so

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Snow storm

Record Snow has hit the NYC tristate area. Over 20 inches of snow have dropped in the last 24 hours and I have found it interesting to watch.

ATV's have come roaring out of people's garage's....And even more interesting is the phenomenon of my son's friends coming over the house to hang out. They trudge through un plowed sidewalks with snow up to their knees to hang out at my house.....Why??!

I dunno....They are still here...hmmm maybe if I say they have to change the baby's diaper.....

Time to cook dinner.....

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Former FEMA head saying different things this go around..

Feeling abandoned by your Pres???

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

How do you see things?

Another lovely quiz I found on LaRa's Blog :)

Your eyes are the windows to your soul. What type of eyes do you have?


You have Butterfly Eyes!
Positive Traits: Thoughtful, Intelligent, Humble, Clever, Open Minded
Negative Traits: Elitist, Conceited, Apathetic, Cold, Sarcastic
Take this quiz!


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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Interesting post on La Shawn Barber's blog

I thought provoking post on intelligence and race.

Starting a long term plan

I am now starting to plan for a milestone in my life.

In 3 years I will be 35, and I haven't had a good birthday party in years. Now a lot of that is because of me, I didn't want one. But for my 35th I want to go big. I want to do a vacation. So I figure I can celebrate my birthday and torture my sons at the same time!
How do I do that?

I go to Disneyworld!

Now, I am going to take the kids....Jamal will be almost 3 and Kyle will be 15. Guess who will be babysitting? hehe.

I want to see how big of a group of family and friends I can get together.
Hopefully I can get a good group. Disney has a group desk that I want to use - the Magical Moments thing.

I'll do my research and see how it will turn out :)