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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Viagra Commercial

I was recently watching TV and saw an ad for Viagra. This is not unusual, what was was the implementation of a "value card"...every 4Th prescription you fill is free.


now why can't I get every fourth prescription I fill of birth control pills free?! Is it that older men need a break because the prescription is so much? Do they even use this daily??

I don't understand this. Is the competition so fierce that they need gimmicks? It was a huge uproar when insurance companies first began to cover Viagra for men but not birth control for women. Thankfully most do cover pills now but will the pharmaceuticals start giving rebates to all pills?

Somehow I seriously doubt it.......

Still Waiting

Yes that is right, I am still waiting for not only the package I was promised but also an email explaining things.

I will sit in hope that I will get something. It's still a good thing I am not holding my breath!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

so it's a waiting game

I was told a few days before J's birthday that I would be recieving his christmas presents in the mail from his father.

it's now....what February and still nothing?

doing the benefit of the doubt thing...again...I'm waiting. but not quietly this time.

who knows if J's father will ever meet him face to face, I mean it's been over a year.

I haven't made it hard for him to come over and see his son. I am not dumb enough to think that we (j's father and I) will be together again in that way. But I do just wish he would do something for J.

He says he has...this mysterious package. but I haven't seen it.