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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Jennifers Hudson and Holiday .... Wow

Here's a link to an incredible performance by Jennifer Hudson and Jennifer Holiday!

Friday, June 29, 2007

You have GOT to be Kidding me right??!

Ex-'Grey's' Star Cites Racism for Firing

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Jun 28, 11:01 PM (ET)

(AP) Actor Isaiah Washington arrives at the Disney ABC Television Group All Star Party in Pasadena,...
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LOS ANGELES (AP) - "Grey's Anatomy" star Isaiah Washington said racism was a factor in his firing from the hit ABC series after he twice used an anti-gay slur.

Washington, who initially used the epithet during an onset clash with a co-star, told Newsweek magazine that "someone heard the booming voice of a black man and got really scared and that was the beginning of the end for me."

He tried to make amends by expressing remorse and volunteering to enter a counseling program to understand how the confrontation got out of hand, he told Newsweek.

"My mistake was believing that I would get the support from my network and all of my cast mates across the board. My mistake was believing I could correct a wrong with honesty and sincerity," he said in the interview posted online Thursday.

"My mistake was thinking black people get second chances. I was wrong on all fronts," he said.

His unwillingness to act like a submissive black at work was part of the problem, Washington said.

"Well, it didn't help me on the set that I was a black man who wasn't a mush-mouth Negro walking around with his head in his hands all the time. I didn't speak like I'd just left the plantation and that can be a problem for people sometime," he said.

"I had a person in human resources tell me after this thing played out that 'some people' were afraid of me around the studio. I asked her why, because I'm a 6-foot-1, black man with dark skin and who doesn't go around saying 'Yessah, massa sir' and 'No sir, massa' to everyone?

"It's nuts when your presence alone can just scare people, and that made me a prime candidate to take the heat in a dysfunctional family," he said.

ABC declined comment Thursday. In its one public statement regarding Washington, issued in January, the network said his actions were "unacceptable."

Washington, who used the slur against co-star T.R. Knight during a confrontation with Patrick Dempsey, repeated the word backstage at the Golden Globes in January in denying the first incident. A public apology to Knight and others followed.


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Learning about executive privilege

"Executive Privilege is the power claimed by the President of the United States and other members of the executive branch to resist certain search warrants and other interventions by the legislative and judicial branches of government. The concept of executive privilege is not mentioned in the United States Constitution, but some consider it to be an element of the separation of powers doctrine, and/or derived from the supremacy of executive branch in its own area of Constitutional activity.[1]

Presidents since George Washington and Thomas Jefferson have argued that each branch of government may operate with some degree of freedom from the control or supervision of the others.[citation needed] The Supreme Court confirmed the legitimacy of this doctrine in United States v. Nixon, but only to the extent of confirming that it can be invoked when the oversight of the executive would impair that branch's national security concerns.

Historically, the uses of executive privilege underscore the untested nature of the doctrine, since Presidents have generally sidestepped open confrontations with Congress and the courts over the issue by first asserting the privilege, then producing some of the documents requested on an assertedly voluntary basis."

Ok I got that quote from Wikipedia.

This is me trying to understand how someone could claim executive privilege if not part of the executive branch of the government. I know that politics is a game, but having a "second in command" who does not feel accountable to those who voted him into office and more sinister thinks he runs the country is extremely dangerous.

This is provided that everything that is being said is true. With so many lies that have come out of the White House, why wouldn't we as Americans believe this?
So let's look back and see if the world would have been a better place without Cheney as VP?

Who pushed for the war in Iraq?
Who tried to legitimize torture?
Who pushed for wire tapping Americans?

This would be the time for all the checks and balances to be pushed to stop this false escalation of power from a rouge agent.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Never take your babysitter for granted

My babysitter is away for her daughter's karate tournament. Why do I think this is worthy of blogging...because now I have to deal with my children for a week.

Horrible thought isn't it??

This week off from work will probably leave me more exhausted then if I worked an 80 hour week.

School is out for the older one and Camp does not start until Monday.

I am taking deep breaths and trying to get stuff done between the screams of "Stop hitting me" "Mom! he threw his cup at me!" and of course the " ooooooh, look what you did!"

I wonder if the library will kick me out if I go there.....

Sunday, June 03, 2007

trying out a geustbook