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Saturday, April 22, 2006

World is spinning

Everytime I think I get something handled, something else pops up. I mean isn't that the way of the world? J is not sick anymore, but now my mom is violently ill. She missed two days off from work and doesn't know if it's really getting better or not.
I am going on a leave of absence from school to hopefully get things back under control. I can't think with this one getting sick and fighting with doctors and insurance companies over this that and the other.
School starts back up next week for K, I just hope that he can concentrate enough to get some of his work done. He has been so distracted as well with people being sick and such. He won't tell me he's sick unless it's dire, which doesn't make me feel good at all. I worry that he's in pain and won't say anything. Is this a 12 yr old thing? Because I surely don't get it.

I hope in the next few months I can gather my self and get back on track. Maybe I will be able to get in class with some of those I was in class before. Who knows.

Let's see what happens

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Crazy weekend

I was so looking forward to Easter, I even bought an outfit and planned to do my hair. J had an outfit and so did the elder son.
I planned on getting alot of sleep on Saturday night, just to be ready for Sunday morning..

But it wasn't mean to be. J, who had gotten over a fever just a day before, now was running through diapers every half hour. My babysitter had a real worried look on her face. My poor baby looked miserable. He was very limp, even awake, listless...Just not himself. So I called the doctor who got back to me after 2 calls 40 minutes later. She said to go get pedialyte and different formula and it should be fine. I had reservations about this, so after really looking at J, I decided to go to the emergency room.

it was 10:30 pm when I got there.

At 2:30 am, we still had not been seen, but luckily J slept most of that time. When J was seen by the ER nurses and doctor, they gave him and iv and took his temp, also attempted to draw blood. This didn't work very well, the blood drawing, as J's veins were flat. He was extremely dehydrated.

J spent the next 3 nights in the hospital... Getting all his blood levels stable.

Tonight we are both home...Thank goodness

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Days off - finally

So I have two days off :)

And still have no voice. Have great friends that help me in a bind but no voice really really sucks
not too much to talk about. will go do the next two weeks homework and shop for an Easter outfut.


Saturday, April 08, 2006

Increasingly hard to get time to write.

But as I know have a few minutes with the biys gone...I shall attempt some semblence of coherant thought.

I did say try ......

I have a cold, the annoying running nose hacking cough type of cold. This has led to me also losing my voice. All I can do is whisper. oh and drink tea.

This sucks as 80% of my job requires me to be on the phone. So how am I going to manage this??

I am drinking Green Tea right now. I should find something with lemon.

My elder son was laughing at me this morn, so I gave him a look and whispered, I can still smack you upside the head....remember that.

Yes I know...not nice...



let me go off to work early

Saturday, April 01, 2006

On the run as normal

I'm running late again, and yet i took time out to write here...strange set of priorities huh?

I got a junk letter the other day, thought someone had seen my son and forwarded it to a modeling agency. It turned out that they had a mailing list from one of the baby companies I signed up for.

But I wonder, would it be a good idea to just see if the baby might be a model? I'm not sure, maybe it would be good. I think he's cute...he likes people. But how would you find a legit company?