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Monday, July 16, 2007

Dealing with a little reality

Today is the day I get to deal with a little reality. Well, this is not exactly true, but I try to deal with reality every day.

My eldest is turning 14 in less then a week. 14 years old!

My dose of reality with this? He's getting older and wanting to go out more. I am really scared about letting him go out. He has friends whose parents let them go out until midnight on a school night! They are 14!!

Where do I find the balance of keeping him safe and letting him be more independent?

He doesn't know this but if he cleans his room by Tuesday night, he will be getting cable in his room. This doesn't sound like a big deal to most, but for him it will be huge!

He doesn't have all the "stuff" most 14 year old's have, face it I can't afford it. we go to the library every week now.

He has the short temper of a typical teenager, he is very impulsive and not so responsible in some ways.
He's also kind and wouldn't maliciously and deliberately hurt anyone.

4 more years til he turns 18.

Time is flying.