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Monday, February 28, 2005

Back from the thing called vacation

and I can say it was an experience I will never forget...

especially trying to get home for 18hours.

More later

After I get some sleep

Friday, February 25, 2005

Quick Stop on my vacation

I found a computer to check my emails...amazing. I have been off the comp since the 20th of Feb and had recieved 56 new emails. this doesn't inculde those automatically sorted into the bulk mail or spam pile.

I haven't read all of them. Weeding out the ones I wasn't going to read too a bit of time.

One thing I do have to say....after 7 hours in Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport....I can say , if I never see that airport ever again it will be too sson. That is the most confusing unsympathetic place I have ever been to. And I have been to lots of airports!!!

ok ok to be fair ....ALL of the people were not bad at the airport...unfortunately the number that made impressions (bad ones) were more than the good ones.

and try to find reading material for a child in that airport - one that is not a baby- well it's darn near impossible. Granted I should have taken Kyle's notebook out of the bag that was being checked, but...at 3 book stores there wasn't a decent children young adult section at all.

Ok my rant has to be over as someone at the hotel needs to use the comp...heheh talk soon

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Vacation Time

Yes it's time for me to go on my annual February Break.

I will give all the details when I come back :)

Sunday, February 13, 2005


It's funny how you think some friendships will last forever.
How you think that a person will stay with you forever because at the moment you were thinking it, they were making a huge impact on your life.

A few who have made a huge impact, I guess I can say are being let go...for good. For the good of me. it's that moving on thing that has to happen...for me to grow, and survive.

Wow that sounded extremely melodramatic ...

but it is steeped in truth.

the person I was even two years ago has been changed, by events and people.
It's my determination to be a better person that what i was.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005


My life is constantly changing it seems.

Some people would call this progress, and then site my need to be flexible and adapt.
Some people would say that's life. deal with it.

And of course, in thier own simple way they would be right.

The weather changes....one day here is a high of 40 after a week of being no more then 10 - 15 degrees above zero. Now spiralling back to the storm pattern, rain then sleet then snow.
This type of change is normal for this time of year here....but you still wish it could be steady for a while.

Mood changes... trying to stem feelings of loneliness..that seems to be also in a cycle. no not PMS , though I think some may disagree. My mood doesn't dip as dangerously as it used to and I am very happy for this fact. Positive thinking goes along way to help with that. But I do have bad days...I call them distracted days. Can't focus on a task,....do a whole bunch of nothing....
it sort of sucks. The good news is...that mood changes and soon for the better.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Poems and Poetry

In high school, oh so ever long ago that was...I was a decent student. I hated homework with a passion and seemed to get half of it done the day it was due.

Especially English. But I loved English...Not the grammar...I was horribly bad at the grammar, but the short stories, the books we studied and most especially - Shakespeare.
I loved when we got to study one of his plays each year. Senior year was a special treat.

My English teacher then, Mr. William O'Connor, who was know as Coach Bill (one of the football coaches) did an especially long section that year..Hamlet, Macbeth - the comparisons and contrasts of the two - A midsummer nights dream and Twelfth night.

And Sonnets

oh the sonnets

I fell in love with the sonnets, and it made me want to write.
and for that year I tried.
got a B+ as my final grade -was happy

Then college...And grew out of trying to write - constant criticisms I wasn't good at taking - took away the joy of trying to write them.
But I read

and enjoyed.

It wasn't until 2 years ago when I started having the urge to write again.
A man inspired me again, with his words and the feelings they conveyed.

So I tried writing again The first poem I wrote was called Standing.
That one was inspired by a place I used to go in a game I played. A mountain, where he and I would talk and share, and when he wasn't there or around...I would still go up there. To feel that connection.

A few more came after that, and in November I found a site called poetry friends..
I posted some of my old poems and started writing alot more. What I love about this site is that there are so many different people on there and some many different styles of writing.

I got one of my friends to join...The guy who inspired me is there too..hehe

my latest poem - Path can be found there (heheh yes I've linked it :) )

I linked the site on my links list and also in this title.

Stop by to enjoy :)