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Friday, April 29, 2005

So here's a question

Picture this - you have dropped friends for various reasons over the last few months and haven't heard from them (as requested). SO when some of them try to contact you and try to resume a friendship, what do you do?

I guess it would depend on why you stopped talking in the first place. But Should you risk it, because if you stopped talking to them in the first place, whatever the reason, then wouldn't it be best to just ignore them now? Or is that just being mean and petty?

Or is it risking more of the same heartache all over again...

Oh to have the wisdom of the ages

Monday, April 25, 2005

New Week - New resolutions

Yes I know it isn't new year's, but I figure this is a good time as any to make a few changes to the way I do things. Develop good habits and all.

First of all...For my sanity, I am going to increase my venting ...Err .....Writing in my blog.
Second, continue to modify my diet - and increase my gym time from 40 minutes every 3 days to at least and hour and a half.

That's the major things.
Minor fun stuff, plan another trip to the UK. I had so much fun and there were things I still want to do, all those suggestions I was given.

Oh and I heard that all that construction in Central London was in preparation of the Eurostar leaving Waterloo and coming into Central London, I think they said St Pancres.
What's interesting about this is that it will actually shave off an hour off the time to get to Paris.
right now, the train has to cut it's speed from 200 mph to about 100 when it arrives in the UK because the rails to Waterloo cannot handle the higher speeds. (Amazing what you find out from a Black Cab rider in London huh?)

Goal for this week, fill out expense report from trip and have it submitted before Friday as that is the deadline. Try not to lose my temper with people who live to ask stupid questions constantly because they are too lazy to use any of the resources given to them - and no, I am not considering myself a resource.

I have a salad with my name on it - byeee

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

I got time to sit down and talk about my trip!

Yes and I know everyone is soooo thrilled to hear it :)

Now because the trip was primarily about work, 80 % of it I won't talk about hehehehe.

A few things I will -

The Arora International Hotel in Crawley -
First , I loved it! They have this really cool circle in the lobby that has a picture of fish in it, but it's the kind that moves if you walk around it - great for kids ;)

The staff was for the majority very very nice and helpful ( no place is perfect though so there were a few exceptions) The rooms were a good size for European hotels, the bed was very comfortable. They had a few drawers to stow clothes, and the closet had a shoe stand...Or shelves ( I used it for my boots). There was a decent choice on the TV - I like Skyone...fav station, all my Sci-fi shows are there. Also ITV - I got to watch football (yes soccer). I like Liverpool now...Um yep that's it ;)

The Tubs in the hotel are HUGE!!! I love them...I could stretch out completely! Very relaxing, there was a free standing shower as well...And the water got nice and hot :)

The Lobby area of the hotel is nice, and the elevators have a nice security feature... You can only go up if you have a room key. No key, no go.

There is internet access for a small price...Small GBP5.00 for 2 hours of time. There are also two areas to eat in the main area - a Deli/bar type and a full restaurant. They were ok.
One of the best things about the hotel was the proximity to the train station...It's attached, you can walk on to the platform from a door outside of the hotel - also security monitored.

I go to go a few places on the train. And the train system isn't too bad...Once you know where you are going that is hehehe.
I took the train to Newhaven to visit friends...Ok let me qualify that...I TRIED to take the train to Newhaven...wound up on the wrong half of the train that split at a town called Lewes (sounds like Louis) and ended up in Glynde. cute little station, has a parasailing school there. One of the pilots was there and nicely let me use the restroom and kept me company while I waited for friends to pick me up.

My Friends Kevan and Marie drove 20 minutes to get me...heheh and I am glad they did, I went to their wedding last May and I was so happy to see them and the kids. I visited for about 4 hours and still got the train back to Crawley.

I also went up to see a friend in the Luton area over my free weekend. That was a blast and yeah I got sorta lost going there too.

Crawley as a whole is a pretty ok place to visit. I am not sure it earns it's nickname that people at the office gave it.

I got into Central London for a weee bit. But that was to transfer to the north.

well have to run now....heard a crash....not sure what my son has done this time...
(keep your fingers crossed!)

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Interesting article I saw on Tran Sient's Blog

The Middle Kingdom Mentality

I saw this article on Tran Sient's Watch, surfing on blogexplosion.

Most of the time I do not comment on Political topics, but I felt this article was at least an interesting read.

Even Flying first class doesn't help with Jet Lag

But then again it doesn't really hurt either!

I am back from the UK. Two weeks in the UK was alot of time, but it also seems like it wasn't enough. Then again that could be because I was working a good 80% of the time.

I will admit I was bad, I didn't get into Central London save to take Taxi's on my way the Heathrow. (will get into that more later)

I did take trains alot in the UK. I visited Luton and Newhaven to visit friends. OF course I have also discovered that while I am pretty decent at navigating the subways of New York, I get lost on Brit Rail.

The first thing I would like to say is - This two weeks were a blast. I can't wait to come back to the UK and visit. I watched alot of Football - My team now is Liverpool. (yes there are specific reasons for that )

Oh and for those who don't know - Liverpool tied Topham 2 - 2 in Saturday's game.

My body clock is still a bit off. As it feels like it should be daylight, and not dark out. 5 hours time difference is really hard to get over...
Hmmmm bad to sleep fpr now...need another 4 hours or so....

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

In the UK!!

Just writing a quick note, but I made it!!

After a huge delay coming in on Saturday/Sunday morning, I am here :)

The weather has been pretty good so far, I am happy to note. Since this is a work trip, I haven't been able to act on some of the sugesstions I had recieved. But never fear, I shall I shall!

When I have more time I will go into detail about the trip.
I also bought a Cell phone...prepaid phone cost me £30! and got £65 worth of minutes ... and I have discoverd the joys of Text messaging! hehehe

Talk soon!